How to choose the correct wireless subscriber module

How to choose the correct wireless subscriber module

Although Cambium’s Force 300-25 has been the go-to subscriber module for the ePMP range. Cambium noticed that there was a demand for more versatility within the Force 300 range and expanded it to now include subscriber modules that excel in long-distance as well as shorter distance applications – where a high gain subscriber module may be overkill.

There are some exciting new build variants that allow you to design outdoor wireless networks according to your exact requirement and in turn, reduces your overall equipment costs.


ePMP Force 300 Connectorized Subscriber Module (CSM) – reach further than before


Cambium’s versatile ePMP Force 300 Connectorized Subscriber Module is ideal for long-distance deployment with up to 27dBm of transmit power and connectorised antennas ports.  The Force 300 CSM offers deployment versatility with options for parabolic dishes and compatibility with the RF Elements Twistport ePMP adaptor.


ePMP Force 300-25 – perfect for high interference environments


Cambium Networks’ ePMP Force 300-25 is designed to operate in high interference environments and provides superior throughput of over 500 Mbps. The ePMP Force 300-25 is currently the most commonly used subscriber module within the ePMP3000 range. This unit is equipped with 25dBi antenna which has an extremely narrow beamwidth making it ideal for medium distance applications.


ePMP Force 300-19 – for medium to long-distance wireless connectivity


The robust ePMP Force 300-19  has a 19dBi integrated antenna with a narrow beamwidth, making it ideal for medium to long-distance applications. This subscriber module also supports 4.9 GHz along with 5/10 MHz channels in a point-to-point network, making it the ideal solution for CCTV and video surveillance solutions.


ePMP Force 300-16 – for medium-distances and a reduced footprint


The Force 300-16 upholds the tradition of the previous Force 300 models, with a horizontal orientation mount providing a 15˚beamwidth and 16dBi gain, making it the ideal subscriber module for a smaller on-premises footprint, but still offers high gain and is resilient to interference.


ePMP Force 300-13 – ideal for low cost, short-distance


The ePMP Force 300-13 has a 13dBi integrated antenna with a narrow beamwidth and is the most affordable 802.11AC Wave 2 subscriber module. It’s compact 13dBi integrated antenna makes it perfect for customers who are near a tower and demand the high-speed internet packages that are only available on AC wave 2 products.

Cambium Networks ePMP 3000 Access Point and Force 300 subscriber modules combine the feature set of the ePMP 1000/2000 and adds industry-leading throughput. These subscriber modules can be used as a cost-effective, high-performance point-to-multipoint solution or in conjunction with the ePMP 3000L. This enables you to take full advantage of the subscriber modules flexibility in smaller point-to-multipoint applications.

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