Cambium Network’s Introduces cnVision: The world’s first ONVIF compliant wireless solution for cameras

Cambium Network’s Introduces cnVision: The world’s first ONVIF compliant wireless solution for cameras

Video security is more important today than ever before and you simply cannot compromise on security when it comes to backhauling mission-critical video. Imagine being offered a secure and reliable wireless connectivity platform specifically designed to meet the demands of your mission-critical video surveillance. Cambium Networks made this a reality by integrating their wireless expertise into a purpose-built wireless connectivity solution for CCTV applications, called cnVision.

cnVision is an affordable, yet reliable wireless alternative to fibre and copper installations that works with all IP cameras in the market. cnVision is simply a transport layer which can provide the necessary bandwidth to transport your mission-critical video wirelessly. With cnVision you don’t have to be a wireless expert to build wireless surveillance networks. cnVision makes it easy to design and deploy your own wireless surveillance networks and reduces the time it takes to get your cameras streaming to your control centre.  With ONVIF compatibility you can now integrate your wireless system into your video monitoring software and have an overview of both your cameras and wireless network on the same dashboard.

cnVision is designed with security, reliability and flexibility in mind. To ensure the safety of your video footage, cnVision is incorporated with the latest encryption technologies and security practices such as HTTPS and radius authentication. When it comes to reliability and flexibility, cnVision comes with a wide range of hardware choices to incorporate into your CCTV deployment. They offer simple point-to-point solutions as well as hub-and-client based multipoint solutions. From across the parking lot to across town, just about every deployment need is covered.

For added convenience, all CnVision solutions come with a 3-year warranty, 24/7 support, VMS integration, built-in ONVIF support and a CnVision companion APP.

CCTV solutions need to integrate, which is why cnVision has built-in ONVIF support. Just like English is the common language for individuals to communicate, ONVIF is the universal protocol for IP security systems to communicate with each other. In other words, when your Network Video Recorder (NVR) sends commands to your IP camera to request high-resolution videos, a common standard enforced by the ONVIF protocol enables your camera to delivery what was asked even if the NVR was manufactured by another company and is a different brand.

In addition to this, cnVision’s free cloud-based management platform lets you manage and monitor your cnVision Hub and client devices, as well as all your ONVIF compliant camera’s, offering you a single platform with full visibility of your radios and cameras. This platform will enable you to auto-detect camera hardware, locally preview video streams, and dramatically simplify troubleshooting and fault isolation in end-to-end CCTV and video surveillance systems.

Alternatively, if you currently have an existing ONVIF VMS or NVR, you will even have full visibility of your cnVision radios through this platform.

How will your surveillance solutions be connected when you need it the most? Why not deploy with confidence? Deploy with cnVision!

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