Enterprise networking at its best

Enterprise networking at its best

Cambium Networks was recently identified by Gartner as a niche player in the enterprise networking space for their ability to deliver an enterprise-focused product ecosystem. Cambium’s end-to-end enterprise networking solutions can be fully managed in the cloud in a and features tools which can be used to improve network control by enabling enterprises to respond quickly to changing business requirements.

This improved network control can be achieved by using a combination of Cambium’s cnMaestro cloud manager, cnMatrix switches and cnPilot access points. This unified solution equips network operators with the hardware and software they need to build an unbeatable networking experience while maintaining robust security and reducing costs.

Cambium’s cnPilot 802.11ac and 802.11ac Wave2 access points are the ideal solutions for your enterprise applications. They can be installed in a new or existing network to provide a complete enterprise Wi-Fi network solution. With the cnPilot zero-touch configuration, access points can be installed within record-breaking time and guarantee reliable high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity that will rise to the occasion regardless of density, activity or physical environment.

Simplify your network deployment even further with Cambium’s cnMatrix switches. The cnMatrix range of PoE and non-PoE switches offer a wide array of exciting features that enhance and support Cambium’s entire portfolio. When connecting your Cambium devices to a cnMatrix switch, you can expect enhanced features with added capabilities. These features include a user-friendly design that allows for easy deployment, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting. The cnMatrix works in unity with Cambium’s revolutionary network management platform, cnMaestro, allowing you to have an affordable, feature-rich, unified enterprise network.

With this powerful combo, it is no wonder Cambium has been listed on the Gartner report as a great option for enterprise network connectivity. Start simplifying your network deployments with the perfect combination of cnPilot access points, cnMatrix switches and manage it all with cnMaestro cloud management.

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