Enterprise Wi-Fi features now at home Wi-Fi prices

Enterprise Wi-Fi features now at home Wi-Fi prices

Grandstream’s range of Wi-Fi access points delivers great business-level networking performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional Wi-Fi systems. This is by far the most cost-effective Wi-Fi solution on the market and comes with the following great, must-have features.

  1. AC Wave 2 (MU-MIMO)

Wi-Fi was originally built to handle traffic on a first-come, first-serve basis, which could create network congestion. A Wi-Fi network with AC Wave 2 featuring MU-MIMO, complements a high-density client environment whilst keeping bandwidth availability a high-priority. Wave 2 supports unified communications systems, where voice, video and data can be used harmoniously in conjunction with each other on the same Wi-Fi access point.

2. Beamforming

Beamforming technology allows access points to detect the location of clients and focus their signals towards those clients rather than simply radiating out in all directions, thus creating a stronger, faster and more reliable wireless system. A Beamforming AP allows for that hard-to-reach subscriber to be able to connect without sacrificing signal strength or capacity.

3. Cloud Management

Modern-day wireless networks are much more complex and may consist of hundreds or even thousands of access points, switches, firewalls and various other components. Deploying a Network Management System like Grandstream’s GWN Cloud gives you that ability and so much more, a great value adds for managed IT providers who manage multiple systems and need a central platform in order to monitor and maintain the network.

4. Mesh

A mesh network is another great way to optimize Wi-Fi speed and efficiency while also providing redundancy in case an Access Point goes down. A mesh network allows all access points to wirelessly communicate with each other to most efficiently route data to and from clients. Mesh networks create a wireless connection between all access points, expanding the flow of data on a network. Allowing the user to seamlessly roam throughout the entire organisation. With mesh technology, you do not need a wired network point at each wireless access point.

5. Client-balancing

This feature helps distribute network traffic between multiple Access Points preventing traffic congestion, meaning, as your Wi-Fi coverage expands you are able to evenly share the traffic amongst multiple APs.

Your network infrastructure is a system made up of many different important components that must come together to produce the best results. Grandstream’s GWN series of cost-effective Wi-Fi Access Points have all the components to ensure fast and secure Wi-Fi.