Grandstream IP Video Talk

Grandstream IP Video Talk

IPVideoTalk is Grandstream’s video, audio and web conferencing platform that enables users to meet with anyone, anytime, using almost any device. Utilizing the IPVideoTalk platform, any user can easily host and join video meetings. It offers state-of-the-art features to take any meeting to the next level, including 1080p HD video resolutions, HD audio quality, single-click meetings, webinar functionality, computer and content sharing, a host of meeting controls and more. IP Video Talk is Grandstream’s own proprietary web-based video conferencing (WEBRTC) platform. It is pivotal technology when it comes to video conferencing because it takes your meetings into the cloud, not limiting you to the functionality capacity of SIP or IP.

Why IPVideoTalk (IPVT)?

  1. Meet on the web – Attend meetings on any PC, Mac, iOS and Android device. For Android and iOS users, the free IPVideoTalk app can be found in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
  2. Full HD Video Quality – Hold more efficient and productive meetings with full 1080p HD video resolutions (4K on GVC3210) providing a clearer meeting.
  3. Share your screen – Easily share presentations, documents, watch videos, review websites and so much more.
  4. Link conference rooms – IPVT can link your Grandstream GVC models together to hold easy video conferences between multiple locations that can also be joined form the web/multiple devices.
  5. Never miss a conference – IPVT has a built-in scheduler which can sync with Outlook and will remind attendees in advance of the meeting as well as can automatically call them at the start of the meeting, to ensure an online meeting is never missed.
  6. Join a meeting in 1-click – join meetings with 1-click when using WEBRTC-capable browsers

Regardless of whether you are a small home office business or a large enterprise business, there is a IPVideoTalk solution for you.

SME/SOHO – IPVT – will require the purchasing of physical conferencing hardware in order to launch, meaning that it needs a Grand stream Video Conferencing (GVC) device, either the GVC3210, the GVC3202 and the GVC3200. IPVT normally follows the purchasing of one of these devices. Then these are the following license available catering for the number of participants and concurrent calls needed.

1. IPVT Small Business 1 Year
– Up to 8 attendees, 3 video feeds, 1080P

2. IPVT Standard 1 Year
– Up to 25 attendees, 6 video feeds, 1080P

3. IPVT Pro 1 Year
– Up to 50 attendees, 9 video feeds, 1080P

4. IPVT Plus 1 Year
– Up to 100 attendees, 9 video feeds, 1080P

With the purchase of a GVC you get a FREE entry-level license for a one-year trial

For larger applications

IPVT10 is a powerful on-premise video conferencing server designed for modern enterprise collaborations. IPVT10 provides a centralized and scalable solution to manage an entire businesses’ conferencing needs. It is ideal for enterprises with multiple locations that require an excellent visual communication experience that integrates remote employees, external customers or anyone off-site in an easy-to-use fashion.

What is important to note is that in order to execute this solution you NEED the BASE-SERVER and then you load the accompanying license, depending on your requirements, onto the server.

The license options are as follows:

  1. GS-IPVT10-35 – 16-way MCU, 35-participant license
  2. GS-IPVT10-50 – 25-way MCU, 50-participant license
  3. GS-IPVT10-75 – 36-way MCU, 75-participant license
  4. GS-IPVT10-100 – 49-way MCU, 100-participant license
  5. GS-IPVT10-200 – 98-way MCU, 200-participant license
  6. GS-IPVT10-300 – 120-way MCU, 300-participant license