Introducing a new range of next-generation carrier-grade IP phones

Introducing a new range of next-generation carrier-grade IP phones

Grandstream continues to connect the world with the introduction of their latest GRP range of carrier-grade IP phones. This new range of IP phones caters for secure mass deployment and seamless management. These next-generation IP phones feature a sleek new design, a reimagined user experience, unified firmware and powerful feature options.

In addition to this, Grandstream’s new range of IP phones also supports OPUS, the latest wideband audio-codec. The integration of OPUS hardware will allow you to experience a richer call quality and creates more communication value for phone users.

“The new GRP series is designed for service providers and enterprise users who need elegant, high quality, and secure phones that are easily manageable and customisable,” said David Li, CEO of Grandstream.

Combine your Grandstream GRP IP phone with Grandstream’s new cloud-based device management system for a secure centralised communication solution. Grandstream’s Device Management System (GDMS) provides an easy-to-use, centralised interface for enterprises and service providers to configure, provision, manage, monitor and troubleshoot large deployments of Grandstream endpoints in batches by site, group or model. Access to Grandstream’s GDMS beta is free and open to anyone.

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