The all-in-one solution for your hospitality communication needs

The all-in-one solution for your hospitality communication needs

Imagine being able to improve your guest experience at your hotel or resort, while raising staff efficiency and productivity? With Grandstream you have access to state-of-the-art communications solutions and support that will equip you to achieve this and so much more. Their vast product portfolio enables you to build a comprehensive communication, management and security solution, all managed under one brand.

Guests expect fast and secure Wi-Fi access at any hotel and Grandstream’s GWN series of Wi-Fi access points along with their GWN.Cloud management platform is the ideal solution. Having a reliable, fast and stable wireless network opens the door to additional services such as vouchers systems. For example in the hospitality industry, guests can top-up their Wi-Fi voucher should they run out of complementary data bundles, therefore  creating another potential revenue stream for the hotel.

To support communication within the hotel, Grandstream’s range of Wi-Fi Phones can easily integrate with your hotel’s Wi-Fi network and can be easily scaled, while their DECT range offers a cordless solution for added mobility. These cordless devices are the ideal solution for employees who don’t have a permanent working station, for example, housekeeping or maintenance. Expand your communications solution even further with the Grandstream Wave App. This app enables you to link your desk phone to your mobile phone to keep in touch while on the go.

To take measurements for improved security and seamless roaming for staff and guests alike, deploy Grandstream’s GDS series of access control devices at specific entrances andallow access through the use of RFID cards/fobs or PIN codes. The Grandstream phones can integrate with your access control network, enabling you to open doors connected to the GDS series, giving full control of facility access to employees and guests throughout the hotel.

Lastly complete your unified communication system with Grandstream’s IP PBX’s as they are the ideal anchor to any hospitality solution. They offer a powerful unified communication platform with thousands of voice, video, data and mobility features and no licensing fees to bring all your Grandstream endpoints.

Together with property management software (PMS), Grandstream’s API’s ensure smooth integration with the hotels management systems.

Whether you want to continue using existing technology or upgrade to a solution that you can rely on, Grandstream has a solution for your every need. Get in touch with our knowledgeable team for expert advice, training or technical support.