Successfully manage and secure your network with Teltonika’s RMS

Successfully manage and secure your network with Teltonika’s RMS

Teltonika has developed a cloud-based Remote Management System (RMS) that enables you to seamlessly and securely build and manage your networks. It provides remote access to all of your devices from a single platform and allows you to easily manage your network from anywhere in the world.

Teltonika’s RMS offers a wide range of features such as:


GPS History and Hotspot Tracking

For easier management view the location of moving devices at any point in time or set up locations for devices that are stationary. Teltonika’s RMS enables you to add or delete users, monitor data usage and maintain complete awareness of your Wi-Fi network with their hotspot tracking service.


System Security

RMS has received CIS v7 and OWASP II certifications, ensuring that your RMS web application is at low risk for any security vulnerabilities.


Android/iOS App

Download the Teltonika RMS App on your Android or iOS device and always have access to all your network devices. The RMS App offers the same functionality as the standard desktop version, but with some added perks, like adding devices by scanning the QR code on the outside of the box.


Remote access to non-Teltonika devices

If your Teltonika devices are on RMS, they can be used to generate remote access links to other equipment that is connected to its private network. This allows you to have remote access to everything on your network, including devices that aren’t manufactured by Teltonika.

Speak to us about the Teltonika RMS today and enable your network to deliver more, easier.

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