Ubiquiti’s Revolutionary 11Ghz technology at a breakthrough price

Ubiquiti’s Revolutionary 11Ghz technology at a breakthrough price

With the footprint of wireless communications broadening exponentially, WISPs and ISPs are looking for maximum performance when deploying their backhaul solutions.

There has been an increased interest in licensed backhaul links lately, possibly because microwave backhaul links offer a better cost-per-bit ratio than fibre, without compromising on availability or reliability. The benefits of having a licensed link include rapid deployment, long-distance wireless connectivity, and high throughput speeds all without having to dig a single trench for a fibre line.

Ubiquiti’s airFiber 11GHz licensed radio is one of the most cost-effective solutions today, running on a free, centralised management platform – UNMS. Designed to be a high-performance backhaul, the 11Ghz airFiber radio performs at a long range of up to 100+ kilometres, making it ideal for your PtP applications.

Ubiquiti’s airFiber 11Ghz is a complete package housed in a compact, highly efficient form factor that delivers revolutionary gigabit plus performance with SISO or MIMO options. Unlike other 11Ghz solutions that use adaptations of Wi-Fi-based designs, Ubiquiti’s airFiber is specifically designed for the 11Ghz band.

Ubiquiti thrives in providing wireless solutions to enterprise applications, entrepreneurs, businesses, public sectors and live events – connecting communities across the globe.