​Save on storage space without compromising on video quality

​Save on storage space without compromising on video quality

Unlike traditional video compression technologies that distort image quality in order to save storage, Uniview’s Ultra H.265 preserves the image quality while saving you space and bandwidth. Although video surveillance has made a big leap in image quality, from CIF to 4K, it has increased the network bandwidth and hard drive storage requirments of IP Surveillance solutions.

To balance the need for HD surveillance, storage capacity and bandwidth, Uniview has combined U-Code algorithm and standard H.265 to create a unique deep compression technology called Ultra H.265 that can save up to 90% in bandwidth and storage cost.

With the use of Uniview’s bandwidth calculator, we compared H.264 and Ultra H.265.

In this hypothetical scenario, you have 64 Uniview cameras that record 24 hours a day for 30 days. In both cases, the camera resolution is 3MP with a frame rate of 25. With the Ultra H.265 compression, the storage space is cut down from 14 hard drives to 4 hard drives, saving you storage and overall deployment costs. The bandwidth is reduced from 327.68Mbps to 81.92Mbps resulting in seamless data flows and offers higher quality videos for bandwidth-constrained network connections.

H.264 Compression


H.265 Compression


Ultra H.265 Compression

(Combination of U-code and H.265)


Ultra265 is available on all Uniview’s easy, prime and pro series surveillance cameras and NVR’s, enabling you to take advantage of quality surveillance technologies. To further enhance your surveillance experience, Uniview embedded smart features into most H.265 cameras. These features enable cameras to perform an analysis of the images in their field of view and makes decisions about what to stream to the server and what to ignore, enabling you to free up more backup space. You will never miss a moment due to the lack of storage space!

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