When a Wi-Fi router is more than just a router!

When a Wi-Fi router is more than just a router!

Wi-Fi Routers are an essential part of the modern home or small office network and can offer a plethora of functions beyond simply sending and receiving data. ISPs need to deliver and turn on internet service to their customers from day one – and we make it easy to do so with our Cambium residential series.

Cambium’s home and small office Wi-Fi routers are purpose-built to enable ISPs to deliver on their promises. The cnPilot R195W, R190V and the R190W routers provide low-cost, robust performance that extends end-to-end broadband service all the way into subscribers’ homes.

With five Gigabit Ethernet ports and dual WLAN radios, these Wi-Fi routers easily connect all the devices in a home for an optimal experience streaming movies, sharing social media, internet browsing or running a home office.

Coupled with cnMaestro, service providers can also leverage the power of being able to manage their broadband networks and seamlessly integrating these routers into their wireless fabric. cnMaestro’s web-first interface means zero-touch router configuration which allows for the easy installation of many routers. It also provides insightful alarms, dashboard KPIs, firewall security, device health and inventory reports.

Apart from easy installations, rapid activations and high-speed connectivity, with Cambium’s cnMaestro™ management, ISPs can get significant insight into their wireless network through visibility of the customer device and daily traffic usage.

cnMaestro Essentials management is offered at no charge for cloud or private cloud management and having full visibility of your network means easy troubleshooting and reduced costs associated with help desk and maintenance teams. Instead of having to allocate resources to fix issues on the backend, you can focus on growing your network and improving customer satisfaction.

If you are an ISP wanting to significantly simplify your operations and reduce your overheads, contact our team of specialists today to discuss how the cnPilot R195W, R190V and R190W routers with a Cambium back-end solution can meet your specific needs.