WiFi Cloud Management Essentials

WiFi Cloud Management Essentials

An often overlooked component of a WiFi solution is its management platform. When you are in the market for a new enterprise-class WLAN, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to choose a traditional on-premises controller or a cloud-managed solution. A cloud-managed WLAN lets you control your entire wireless network from a single interface. In contrast, an on-premises solution typically has to be managed and deployed at each location. Many businesses are shifting over to cloud management due to the platform’s flexibility and ease of setup.

Key features to look for when choosing a cloud management platform for your WLAN network:

·        Scalability Features for Large Networks

It is vital for the platform to have scalability features that can easily deploy and manage a large number of access points simultaneously without any restrictions. It is important to have a platform that can provide an overview of your network in real-time allowing you to monitor and detect any crucial information such as connected devices and clients, alerts, bandwidth usage; SSID’s and top-performing data.

·         Customizable Security and Authentication Features

A cloud management platform requires extensive security features, just like any WiFi solutions would. It can be beneficial for your business to have a platform with customizable options in order to distribute internet access in a business, depending on your organisations’ different needs and security protocols. That’s why your platform solution should come with different access policy configuration options such as whitelist, blacklist and time policy to regulate users and time spent on a network. For safe browsing, multiple security modes like WPA, WPA2, and WEP are also important.

·         Easy Access and Monitoring Tools

It is important to have a platform that supports ease of use and accessibility as well as strong monitoring and reporting tools. Look for a solution that carries customizable captive portals with a splash page to collect customer information that can be adapted and customized. Another benefit is having a platform that does not store user data in the cloud, as handling personal consumer information is a sensitive task that requires extra layers of security.

When building strong WiFi networking solutions look for features and functionalities that fit your specific needs. Every business differs and being able to customize your solution to your exact needs is critical. A WiFi Cloud management platform like Grandstream’s GWN Cloud provides not only strong functionalities but an array of custom features. Cloud management from Grandstream allows users to seamlessly configure, manage and deploy a WLAN network. This cloud-based platform assures proper upkeep of WLAN networks by allowing you to expand your WiFi networks regardless of your location.

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